19 May

Types of Skips Available for Skip Hire

images (1)Sounds strange? Yes there are several types of skips available for hire mainly classified according to their sizes. The size of a skip bin determines its functions. The following from are the classifications of the skip bins.

  1. Small Skips

The small skip bins are almost the size of a small car. It is made as a bin that a small car can fit into it. One can decide to choose the small skip bins if they have minimal space to put them in. one chooses it since the storage space is small. Therefore only the small skip bins are best suited for this. The small skips are mainly used to cater for garden wastes.

  1. Mid-Range Skips

The mid-range skip bins are almost the size of an average car. They are more suited for use in the general building renovations. After renovations on a building the best suited to collect and dispose the garbage are the mid-range skip bins. These is also determined by the size of the house of home that has been renovated. The space available should be able to accommodate the mass of an average car.

  1. Large Skips

The large skips are very big and are almost the size of a transit vehicle. The space available for the large skip bins should be able to accommodate the size of a transit vehicles. The larger skip bins are useful for the disposal of bulky waste materials.

The spaces described above should be given more allowance for easy access and the movement from the place where they have been located. Therefore the spaces should be slightly bigger but the minimal sizes are as described above. The space to move the bins should allow them to be carried away without pouring or dropping some wastes on the roads and pathways. When tilted they should not also inconvenience the neighboring materials.